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VFW Riders

VFW Riders Officer
President - Glen Holman
1st Officer - Randy Schilling
Master-at-Arms - Doug Miller
Chaplain - Graham Leaver
Secretary -
William Sheperd
Treasurer - Carol Watson
Historian - Patsy Faulkner

Anthony Watson and John Long founded the VFW Riders on 2 November 2005.The group originated with 13 Charter Members: Tony & Carol Watson, Johnny & Carmen Long, Thomas Clevenger, Steve & Sheila Lewis, Johnnie & Patsy Holland, Randy & Debra Schilling, Shane Kaufman and Kim DeShano.

The Charter Members all had some motorcycle history with each other. Together they all organized the Club’s Constitution & Bi-Laws of the VFW RIDERS. From those 13 charter members the Riders now have over 40 members and we are growing consistently every month. Our group is comprised of members from several different VFW posts in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, including posts #4809, 3160, 3219 & 993.

We are a riding club, not a motorcycle club (MC) made up of an equal partnership between the VFW and Auxiliaries members in good standing. The club has many goals, and focuses primarily towards promoting and supporting the VETERANS of FOREIGN WARS and the AUXILIARIES. Our members come from all walks of life with two things in common, membership in the VFW or one of the Auxiliaries and our love of riding.

We will work hard at promoting this club and encouraging new membership, but we do have admittance requirements. If any one is interested in becoming a member, the first step is to contact a member of the club in good standing or go to for more information.

Upon completing a membership application and payment of a $25.00 membership fee, a person interested in joining the VFW Riders becomes an applicant. An applicant is placed on probationary membership status pending the following:

1. Attendance at one Club meeting.

2. One Club ride of sufficient length to assess an applicant’s motorcycling abilities by the MAA/Road Captains.

3. Receipt of a briefing on Club riding rules by the MAA and/or Road Captains.

4. A vote into full membership by not less than two thirds of a quorum.

5. Applicant must own a motorcycle or be a spouse of a motorcycle owner.

6. Applicant must be a member in good standing of the Veterans of Foreign Wars/VFW Auxiliary.

Upon applicant’s admittance in the VFW Riders, a one time processing fee of $50.00 will be paid to the VFW Riders.

The VFW Riders shall not discriminate against any person based on race, religion, gender or color.

Member at large is defined as any member who meets all Club membership criteria and is in good standing. This member is entitled to all privileges of the VFW Riders including the wearing of colors, as long as they maintain a good membership standing. They will follow all Club By laws, rules and regulations. The member at large will be exempt from monthly meetings and club functions due to their being located outside of a reasonable traveling distance.


VFW Riders

VFW Riders

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